What’s New in Nail Anatomy? Pterygium: What and Where is It?

My quest continues as I search out all the newest facts about nail anatomy. I’m working with world-class medical experts and internationally known nail educators, in addition to constantly reviewing scientific reports/books. In this update, I’d like to share some new information in hopes of ending the confusion about the basic structure of the natural …Read More

What’s New in Nail Anatomy? The Latest Facts!

April 2019: The Internet is filled with confusing and competing misinformation about nail anatomy. I’ve been on a multi-year quest to determine all the facts but finding them has been very difficult. Many doctors and scientists are also confused by the various “schools of thought.” To get to the root of the issue, I’ve worked …Read More

Water-free Water: It’s the Safer Choice

Hello Valued Friends, My name is Ken C. Waternixer and I hope you will support my foundation’s quest to warn the public about the many dangers of water and to share the wonderful benefits of “water-free water”. In fact, there are so many benefits, I can’t mention them all. Water, on the other hand, has …Read More

The Eponychium’s Dilemma

Nail anatomy terminology is confused and there is no shortage of competing ideas and not much clarity. Everyone seems to be confused about the names for the parts of the natural nail, even doctors and scientists aren’t sure which terms to use. Misinformation is abundant, so it can be very difficult to know the facts, but …Read More

What is acetaldehyde?

What is acetaldehyde? It is a “naturally occurring carcinogen” found in most fruits and many vegetables. It exists even in “organically grown and certified” foods. So even organically grown foods also contain naturally occurring carcinogens, in fact, they contain many different natural carcinogens. For instance, many foods, including mushrooms and apples contain significant amounts of …Read More

Great News!

Great News! Scientists have found a naturally occurring bacteria that “completely degrades and assimilates PET plastic” (used to make water bottles). This bacteria uses PET as its “sole carbon source”, meaning, they can eat and live happily on one of the most common plastics in the world. They caught these bacteria in the act, digesting …Read More

Confusion and Contradiction

The hallmarks of any profession are its’ technical terms and language. Doctors, lawyers, carpenters, florist alike… all have an agreed upon set of technical terms so they can properly communicate information. Unfortunately, the nail industry doesn’t have an agreed upon set of technical terms, so “confusion and contradiction” has become the technical language of the …Read More

Farce Flash

A fear-based activist group calling themselves the EWG claims nail polish makes people fat, which is laughable and typical of the silly nonsense they invent. Why? To trick people into donating money to them… which you should never do, IMO. I’m not too worried many will believe this latest batch of EWG lunacy. Here’s what …Read More

Fear-Mongers Beware!

I recently learned something hilarious that’s also really not funny at all. One of the so-called “Free” we are all now supposed to fear in nail polish is “camphor”. What? Not 100% all natural and organic camphor oil? Isn’t camphor oil one of the oldest medicinal substances on Earth, used since ancient times by untold …Read More

The Ingredient TPHP EWG Can’t Be Trusted to Provide the Facts!

I’ve read the original report about the ingredient TPHP which is used in some nail polishes. I’ve also read the so-called “analysis” by the activist group EWG or Environmental Working Group, who actually commissioned this study and report, as well as helped to write it. I have a few comments to share, but my research …Read More

Why Subscribe to Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon?

What is Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon? Hi, I’m Doug Schoon.  I’d like to tell you about my new series of 15-minute videos where I answer questions, dispel myths and discuss concerns of nail professionals everywhere.  In each episode, I spend about 4-5 minutes in each Episode discussing three or four questions/topics suggested by nail pros …Read More