regulatory compliance

Successfully marketing a personal care product requires understanding the intricacies of regulatory requirements including labeling, claims, and ingredient restrictions. The complexity is magnified when working on a global scale, as there are diverse regulatory agencies, each with unique requirements.

Schoon Scientific is a recognized expert in regulatory compliance and can help you accomplish the following:

  • Understand regulatory demands – both domestic and international
  • Work with regulatory authorities and groups – INCI, CIR, FDA, PCPC, EPA, OSHA, NIOSH, and NGO’s
  • Formulate for success, including global distribution
  • Conduct training seminars and educate key executives and managers about scientific and regulatory requirements and their implications
  • Monitor court decisions and report on regulatory requirements and product liability
  • Meet International and Domestic labeling requirements
  • Satisfy EU test validity requirements to substantiate claims on packaging
  • Reduce product liability with properly composed ingredient listings, instructions, warnings and cautions, and development of MSDS sheets
  • Liaise with Marketing, Legal, QA and other personnel to satisfy regulatory documentation and compliance management

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