Reducing Inhalation Exposure to Nail Salon Products

If you understand how, it is easy to improve the quality of your salon’s air and minimize inhalation exposure to potentially irritating or harmful substances.   Yes, there are things you can do to avoid excessive inhalation of dusts or vapors.  By taking the right steps you can improving the salon environment for customers and …Read More

The Complexity of UV Curing

I’ve noticed that many nail professionals tend to over simplify the UV curing process for nail coatings and this is creating misunderstandings. In my opinion, UV cured nail coatings are the most technically sophisticated and complex products in the beauty industry. Many underestimate various aspects of UV curing, including the nail lamps. They don’t appreciate …Read More

Navigate OSHA Standards with Industry Expert, Doug Schoon

Are you confused about salon safety? Are you struggling to understand the recent keratin smoothing controversy and how it may affect your salon? You are in good company. Let the Professional Beauty Association help you navigate these confusing issues with an informative and clarifying webinar. Led by industry expert Doug Schoon, this webinar will cover …Read More

Disinfect or Sterilize? Which is Better for Salons?

To disinfect or to sterilize? That is the question I’m often asked by nail technicians and the media, however this isn’t the right question to ask.  Why?  It’s not about “which”, but instead “how”.  Salon related infections would be rare if all items used in performing nail salon services were either disposed of or they …Read More

Can UV Nail Gels Be Over Cured?

Yes, but over curing is avoidable.  It happens in two ways; 1) too much UV energy is used or 2)  the nail coating is exposed to significant levels of UV after leaving the salon.  In other words, UV nail coatings can be over cured in the short-term and/or long-term.   Too Much UV Energy   …Read More

Salon Education Now Enhanced by Wearable Technology

Matrix has adopted the Google Glass device to modernize their education efforts in a three phase effort to better educated salon professionals. This initiative likely could lead the way toward changing how the way the entire professional beauty industry is educated, so it is worth paying close attention. Click for more information

Fear-Based Activist Groups Propose Faulty Cosmetic Regulations

Fear-Based Activist Groups Propose Faulty Cosmetic Regulations Once again, the so-called “Safe Cosmetics Act” has been introduced by fear-based activist groups that don’t understand the industry or the issues. Each year, this bill is reintroduced in a slightly different form and each year their proposals are seriously flawed. This latest proposal inadvertently requires “more” animal …Read More

Keep These Out of Salons!

In my view, two of the biggest problems facing the professional beauty industry could best be solved by salon professionals!  These two big problems are tightly interlinked; you might say they’re “birds of a feather”. It is widely known that diverting professional products into salons through unauthorized channels of distribution hurts the salon industry and …Read More

Want to make £1million (1.1 million US Dollars) the easy way?

Want to make £1million (1.1 million US Dollars) the easy way? All you have to do is identify a truly chemical-free product.  That should be pretty easy with so many companies claiming to have “chemical-free” products.  A £1million bounty was offered for UK’s first chemical-free product in February 2010, but so far no one has …Read More

Risks of Improperly Curing Nail Coatings

Recently, I recommended to a group of nail professionals that they should NOT try every new nail product that comes along, especially if it is a UV cure nail coating product.  Nail professionals are better off focusing on only a few different systems, (or even just one) and specializing in the proper and correct use …Read More

Health Canada New Cosmetic Notification Form

Health Canada has developed a new Cosmetic Notification Form which allows users to save the form with data, validate ingredients before submitting the notification via the Internet. Click here to download the Cosmetic Notification Form. Users will need Adobe Reader V9 or higher to set their Adobe Reader preferences to allow access to the Health …Read More