Fear-Mongers Beware!

I recently learned something hilarious that’s also really not funny at all. One of the so-called “Free” we are all now supposed to fear in nail polish is “camphor”. What? Not 100% all natural and organic camphor oil? Isn’t camphor oil one of the oldest medicinal substances on Earth, used since ancient times by untold millions? I though camphor had centuries of safe use or I wouldn’t have let my dear mother rub it on my chest so many times as a child. I suppose I’m one of the lucky few who survived and went unscathed.

Camphor is only used in very low concentration in nail polish, if at all… but now we are supposed to forget about that. Just get scared! Please tell me how does all of this make sense? You think this is why the activist groups aren’t really telling us what the 7-free are? It’s too funny to say in public!

Here’s the scariest thing of all. They’ve trained everyone to fear a “number”. Yikes, wake up world! I’d love to see a list of all 7-free, but can’t seem to find it. So, for the meantime (drum roll), I challenge the activist groups pushing this silly nonsense to a public debate on the facts. Ok, that’s no big deal, because I say that all the time. They won’t take me up because I’ll expose them for what they really are, fear mongers- fast and loose with the facts- seeking your monetary donations for their own good cause… not for everyone’s good. Unfortunately, they are doing this at the expense of many hard-working people in the nail industry who are just trying to make a living for their families.

I’m sorry, but this all makes me want to scream something I’ll regret later, so I’ll stop… for now. But, Fear-Mongers Beware! And of course this includes the Mother of Cosmetic Fear Mongers- the EWG or Environmental Working Group, who is chiefly responsible for these types of exaggerations and deceptions. They are the Masters of Trickery, which is why you should never believe what they say and NEVER donate money to them. They will just use it to create more deceptions and spread more unwarranted fear.