Host a Presentation –
Doug Schoon's 2014 World Tour

As an internationally-recognized scientist, author, educator and subject matter expert in the beauty industry, Doug Schoon travels the world sharing his expertise in educational presentations and classes relating to cosmetic, beauty and personal care products.

For those interested in hosting your own presentation in 2014, Doug Schoon is available to provide a customized class based on the following list of topics:

Salon-Related Topics

  • Understanding Natural Nail Anatomy
  • Identifying Unhealthy Nail Conditions
  • Chemistry and Proper Use of Nail Coatings
  • Myths and Misconceptions about Nails and Nail Products
  • Comparison of Hair and Nails: How are They Similar and Different?
  • Proper and Safe Use of Professional Salon Products: Hair, Skin or Nails
  • Proper Salon Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Working Safely in the Salon: Hair, Skin or Nails

General Beauty Industry-Related Topics

  • New Product Conception and Idea Development: The Art of Innovation and Discovery*
  • Active Listening, Questioning and Thinking: The Art of Uncovering the Facts*
  • The Safety of Cosmetic, Beauty and Personal Care Products
  • Myths and Misconceptions about Cosmetic, Beauty and Personal Care Products
  • Understanding Cosmetic Regulations, Safety Testing and Claim Substantiation
  • U.S. OSHA Requirements for Product Manufacturers, Salons and Workers
  • Fear-Based Activism: How It Unfairly Harms Everyone
  • The Colorful History of Science: How Did It All Begin and Where Will It Take Us?

Class Options:

  • Customized classes available; choose the topics to design the learning experience.
  • Presentations vary in length, depending on the needs.
  • Classes range from one hour discussions of targeted topics and longer; ½ day, full day, two-day or three-day presentations available.
  • Mr. Schoon is skilled at providing presentations through translators, so language is not a barrier! He has successfully worked with translators fluent in German, French, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Dutch and Japanese.
  • Presentations are offered at Trade Shows on Main Stage or Classrooms, Beauty Schools, Manufacturer or Distributor Facilities, Colleges or other venues.
  • Mr. Schoon has made hundreds of television appearances, radio and other interviews and is available to do on your behalf.
  • Many classes contain very interesting 3D imagery that brings the subject matter to life!
  • There is no minimum class size requirement.

Class Requirements:

  1. A room which can be adequately darken to view images on a projection screen.
  2. Suitable projector and screen, microphone (lapel preferred).
  3. Provide adequate numbers of copies of handouts or class work books, if required.
  4. Red/Cyan paper anaglyph glasses for viewing 3D image when required.

Presentation Rates and Additional Requirements:

US/Canada – $1800/Day with Travel Rates $750/Day
Outside the US/Canada – $2500/Day with Travel Rates $1000/Day

*The two classes marked with an asterisk are special presentations which are taught with a colleague and have a different fee structure. Contact us for a quote and more information.

Special discount rates available for schools in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles County.

Travel and Expenses will be billed, including baggage fees and other transportation costs, hotel accommodations and meals. Airfares must be paid in advance. Air travel outside the US/Canada will be ticketed as “business class.” Presentation fees are paid accordingly; 25% to book a presentation (non-refundable). An additional 25% is due 30 days prior to the presentation and the remaining 50% due upon completion. Reimbursement for airfare is due immediately upon ticketing. Other incurred travel related expenses are payable within 30 days after the presentation. Travel outside North America will require a rest day before the presentation to adjust for time zone differences. There is no fee for the rest day, other than hotel accommodation and meals. Sponsorships opportunities may be available in some circumstances; contact us with proposals.

Contact Doug Schoon for more information or to book a presentation: or call 949-275-8779.