Great News!

Great News! Scientists have found a naturally occurring bacteria that “completely degrades and assimilates PET plastic” (used to make water bottles). This bacteria uses PET as its “sole carbon source”, meaning, they can eat and live happily on one of the most common plastics in the world. They caught these bacteria in the act, digesting plastic bottles. They love the stuff and eat it voraciously. This will likely lead to greatly improved/less expensive recycling of many types of plastics.

Now, I suspected these natural microbes existed, as did other scientists, so its not a big surprise, just a big discovery. And there are probably more types not yet discovered. Further study will surely bring about some great advancements.

Note that it is now OBVIOUS the scare-mongers were wrong to so assuredly tell us that plastic water bottles will never breakdown or at least it would take a hundred thousand years. Yah Right! That was NEVER true, even before this discovery. But that’s how fear-mongers roll. They don’t know jack and they can’t be trusted to provide fact-based information. They just want to scare you out of your cash donations.

Also, this isn’t an endorsement of plastic bottles, but instead it is an opportunity to remind everyone that scientists solve problems and make our lives better. They find solutions! They just don’t sit around complaining about everything and constantly asking for donations to continue creating even more unwarranted fear.

Finally, excuse me but scientists don’t build parks on islands so they can populate them with dinosaurs gone-mad or any other really stupid stuff that Hollywood loves to use trivialize scientists; making them out to be at the root of the trouble or behind the danger. Movie makers should stop and remember all the scientific advances that make it possible to make all these mostly silly movies. Humm, I’d call that “biting the hand that feeds you”.