What is acetaldehyde?

What is acetaldehyde? It is a “naturally occurring carcinogen” found in most fruits and many vegetables. It exists even in “organically grown and certified” foods. So even organically grown foods also contain naturally occurring carcinogens, in fact, they contain many different natural carcinogens. For instance, many foods, including mushrooms and apples contain significant amounts of naturally occurring formaldehyde. And USDA Organic pineapples and tomatoes contain naturally derived 1,4-dioxane. Don’t worry, these carcinogens exist in small quantities that are considered to be safe by scientific experts, so they are NOT expected to be harmful.

That means, just because a substance is a “known carcinogen” or “linked to cancer”, does NOT mean it will cause cancer. I hope we can all agree, mushrooms and pineapples don’t cause cancer, even though they contain known carcinogens. Fear-based activist’s groups (such as the EWG) don’t want you to know about this, so you’ll never hear it from them. Why? They deceive people by telling them there is “no safe level for carcinogens.” That is a load of baloney!

A substance only becomes carcinogenic when safe concentrations are exceeding and usually for prolonged periods. These substances are NOT “automatically” cancer causing and therefore dangerous, as these deceivers pretend. They demonize these substances and warn people that they must avoid them completely and at all cost, but that’s just their game of fear. Unfortunately, they’ve been successful at fooling the general public into believing this myth.

All people, even babies, breathe out tiny amounts of the formaldehyde. That’s because our body makes and uses formaldehyde to build proteins and other beneficial substances it needs to function and live. So, formaldehyde isn’t automatically capable of causing cancer, and only becomes a risk in concentrations many thousands of times higher than what would ever be found in nail polish or preservatives- two cosmetic sources that are often cited by these fear-mongers.

Why do fear-based activist intentionally deceive people in this way? They know that by frightening people, it is easier to get money/donations. It’s what floats their boat, so to speak. That’s why I recommend that you never give any fear-based activist groups any money, for any reason. Because after they pay themselves, they’ll use the rest to create even more deceptions and unwarranted fear. Why? That’s their business model… and that’s why they can’t be trusted to provide the facts.