Confusion and Contradiction

The hallmarks of any profession are its’ technical terms and language. Doctors, lawyers, carpenters, florist alike… all have an agreed upon set of technical terms so they can properly communicate information. Unfortunately, the nail industry doesn’t have an agreed upon set of technical terms, so “confusion and contradiction” has become the technical language of the nail industry. Isn’t it time we change this?

How do we even start? Here’s my suggestion, let’s start at the beginning. Most nail technicians cannot properly name the parts of the nail. The same is true for many nail educators and manufacturer’s, as well. This isn’t complex info, it’s pretty easy to understand. This is basic and fundamental information. These are medical terms, so we should be able to agree, don’t you think?

Nail educators, I love you all, but this is your job, isn’t it? Only you can correct this serious problem that has plagued the industry since its inception. Please do your part. Make sure you know, understand, always use and insist upon the use of proper nail anatomy terminology. That’s the only way this will change. Please have a look at the 20+ cover images about the natural nail I’ve posted for free on my personal Facebook page ( and make sure you are teaching the correct information. Feel free to download and share this info. Also, I’ve attached a link to an article that I first wrote more than 10 year ago and undated last year. If you have a different view or different information, I’d love to see your references and to discuss the facts. Otherwise, please help to correct this serious flaw that exist at the heart of professional nail education.