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What’s New in Nail Anatomy? The Latest Facts!

April 2019: The Internet is filled with confusing and competing misinformation about nail anatomy. I’ve been on a multi-year quest to determine all the facts but finding them has been very difficult. Many doctors and scientists are also confused by the various “schools of thought.” To get to the root of the issue, I’ve worked …Read More

Water-free Water: It’s the Safer Choice

Hello Valued Friends, My name is Ken C. Waternixer and I hope you will support my foundation’s quest to warn the public about the many dangers of water and to share the wonderful benefits of “water-free water”. In fact, there are so many benefits, I can’t mention them all. Water, on the other hand, has …Read More

The Eponychium’s Dilemma

Nail anatomy terminology is confused and there is no shortage of competing ideas and not much clarity. Everyone seems to be confused about the names for the parts of the natural nail, even doctors and scientists aren’t sure which terms to use. Misinformation is abundant, so it can be very difficult to know the facts, but …Read More

What is acetaldehyde?

What is acetaldehyde? It is a “naturally occurring carcinogen” found in most fruits and many vegetables. It exists even in “organically grown and certified” foods. So even organically grown foods also contain naturally occurring carcinogens, in fact, they contain many different natural carcinogens. For instance, many foods, including mushrooms and apples contain significant amounts of …Read More

Great News!

Great News! Scientists have found a naturally occurring bacteria that “completely degrades and assimilates PET plastic” (used to make water bottles). This bacteria uses PET as its “sole carbon source”, meaning, they can eat and live happily on one of the most common plastics in the world. They caught these bacteria in the act, digesting …Read More

Confusion and Contradiction

The hallmarks of any profession are its’ technical terms and language. Doctors, lawyers, carpenters, florist alike… all have an agreed upon set of technical terms so they can properly communicate information. Unfortunately, the nail industry doesn’t have an agreed upon set of technical terms, so “confusion and contradiction” has become the technical language of the …Read More

Farce Flash

A fear-based activist group calling themselves the EWG claims nail polish makes people fat, which is laughable and typical of the silly nonsense they invent. Why? To trick people into donating money to them… which you should never do, IMO. I’m not too worried many will believe this latest batch of EWG lunacy. Here’s what …Read More

Fear-Mongers Beware!

I recently learned something hilarious that’s also really not funny at all. One of the so-called “Free” we are all now supposed to fear in nail polish is “camphor”. What? Not 100% all natural and organic camphor oil? Isn’t camphor oil one of the oldest medicinal substances on Earth, used since ancient times by untold …Read More

The Ingredient TPHP EWG Can’t Be Trusted to Provide the Facts!

I’ve read the original report about the ingredient TPHP which is used in some nail polishes. I’ve also read the so-called “analysis” by the activist group EWG or Environmental Working Group, who actually commissioned this study and report, as well as helped to write it. I have a few comments to share, but my research …Read More

Why Subscribe to Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon?

What is Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon? Hi, I’m Doug Schoon.  I’d like to tell you about my new series of 15 minute videos where I answer questions, dispel myths and discuss concerns of nail professionals everywhere.  In each episode, I spend about 4-5 minutes in each Episode discussing three or four questions/topics suggested by nail pros from around the world.  I’ll answer …Read More

Reducing Inhalation Exposure to Nail Salon Products

If you understand how, it is easy to improve the quality of your salon’s air and minimize inhalation exposure to potentially irritating or harmful substances.   Yes, there are things you can do to avoid excessive inhalation of dusts or vapors.  By taking the right steps you can improving the salon environment for customers and …Read More

The Complexity of UV Curing

I’ve noticed that many nail professionals tend to over simplify the UV curing process for nail coatings and this is creating misunderstandings. In my opinion, UV cured nail coatings are the most technically sophisticated and complex products in the beauty industry. Many underestimate various aspects of UV curing, including the nail lamps. They don’t appreciate …Read More

Navigate OSHA Standards with Industry Expert, Doug Schoon

Are you confused about salon safety? Are you struggling to understand the recent keratin smoothing controversy and how it may affect your salon? You are in good company. Let the Professional Beauty Association help you navigate these confusing issues with an informative and clarifying webinar. Led by industry expert Doug Schoon, this webinar will cover …Read More

Disinfect or Sterilize? Which is Better for Salons?

To disinfect or to sterilize? That is the question I’m often asked by nail technicians and the media, however this isn’t the right question to ask.  Why?  It’s not about “which”, but instead “how”.  Salon related infections would be rare if all items used in performing nail salon services were either disposed of or they …Read More

Can UV Nail Gels Be Over Cured?

Yes, but over curing is avoidable.  It happens in two ways; 1) too much UV energy is used or 2)  the nail coating is exposed to significant levels of UV after leaving the salon.  In other words, UV nail coatings can be over cured in the short-term and/or long-term.   Too Much UV Energy   …Read More

Keep These Out of Salons!

In my view, two of the biggest problems facing the professional beauty industry could best be solved by salon professionals!  These two big problems are tightly interlinked; you might say they’re “birds of a feather”. It is widely known that diverting professional products into salons through unauthorized channels of distribution hurts the salon industry and …Read More

Want to make £1million (1.1 million US Dollars) the easy way?

Want to make £1million (1.1 million US Dollars) the easy way? All you have to do is identify a truly chemical-free product.  That should be pretty easy with so many companies claiming to have “chemical-free” products.  A £1million bounty was offered for UK’s first chemical-free product in February 2010, but so far no one has …Read More

Risks of Improperly Curing Nail Coatings

Recently, I recommended to a group of nail professionals that they should NOT try every new nail product that comes along, especially if it is a UV cure nail coating product.  Nail professionals are better off focusing on only a few different systems, (or even just one) and specializing in the proper and correct use …Read More

The Natural Nail

This month’s Education Update is focused entirely on the natural nail. You may not realize it, but over the past several months I’ve regularly posted on Facebook some pretty cool images related to the natural nail.  These images are posted as “Cover” photos on my personal page.  I use these same images in my presentations …Read More

The Game of Fear: Cosmetic Activism Gone Wild!

I received yet another e-mail from an anti-cosmetic activist group asking me to donate money to their “cause”.  This is the third such e-mail in the last few weeks. It doesn’t matter which particular group sends the e-mail- they all start the same way; telling us how lucky we are THEY are working to save …Read More

Pregnancy and Artificial Nail Coatings

When your clients discover they’re pregnant, one of the first questions they will ask nail professionals is, “Can I keep wearing my nail enhancements during my pregnancy?”  The answer is YES; they can safely wear artificial nails!  There is no reason to believe wearing artificial nail enhancements or polish during pregnancy is harmful.  All artificial …Read More

What’s the Harm in Doing That?

Nail Professionals work in a unique and diverse profession and often unintentionally put themselves and their clients at risk.  They regularly work with the most technologically advanced products in the beauty industry. Many nail coatings are based on high-tech substances used to create everything from bone cements to dental implants or contact lenses to bullet …Read More

“Ten Top Myths Related to Artificial Nails”

I recently posted a request on Facebook asking which artificial nail myths to address in my next education update.  Included below are two of the ten most requested myths.  You can learn about the eight other myths by reading the full article on my website – link below. Myth 1:  Nails Need to Breath. No, …Read More

Two Independent Studies Confirm Nail Polish Products Do NOT Harbor Microbes!

Water-based cosmetic products typically contain preservatives to prevent microbial contamination when sold in multi-use packages.  Organic solvent based nail polish products (e.g. nail polish, lacquers, enamels, varnish, base coats, top coats) provide a hostile environment that prevents microbial contamination even when the product and brush are used repeatedly and therefore additional preservatives are not needed …Read More

Prestigious Medical Researchers Declare UV Nail Lamps Safe

The facts and truth about the safety of UV Nail Lamps is once again confirmed by a newly released, independent study from medical researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Alpert Medical School at Brown University.  Once again independent scientific researchers have confirm the safety of these lamps.  This latest report states conclusively, “UV nail …Read More

UV Gel Manicures Proper Removal for Continued Nail Health

UV gel manicures are used to cosmetically beautify natural nails. These safe and useful salon services require proper application, maintenance and periodic removal, followed by reapplication of the nail coating.  During the removal process, the goal of every nail technician should be to exercise great care and avoid techniques which may damage the natural nail. …Read More

Understanding UV Nail Lamps Traditional and LED Style

“Two styles of UV nail lamps are used in salons to cure UV nail products; Traditional and LED.   Although these nail lamps use different types of bulbs, both types emit UV and can quickly harden UV curable artificial nail coatings. The bulbs used in traditional UV nail lamps are “fluorescent tubes,” while the bulbs used …Read More

Pass Another Slice of Life, Please!

As you many of you may know, for 11 years I’ve participated in the 3-Day, 60 mile (97 km) Breast Cancer walk in San Diego, CA. This education update is about what happened a few days after 2011 3-Day Walk.   My best friend seriously detests going to the doctor, so she asked me to …Read More

Straight Talk

Recently I gave a presentation on UV nail lamps to a large group of scientists and engineers who specialize in using UV to cure all types of products. Everything from Italian lacquer wood, dental and medical prosthetics to DVDs, newspaper ink and flooring; you would be amazed at how many diverse applications exist for UV …Read More

Seven “More” Secret Facts! Properly Curing UV Gels Part II

Several years ago I wrote an article entitled, “Seven Secrets to Curing UV Gel Nails”, which explained that UV gel enhancements are often improperly cured, which can lead to service breakdown and natural nail damage.   “Under” cured UV gel nail coatings may contain significant amounts of unreacted ingredients that can trigger skin irritation or …Read More

Don’t Let This Happen to Your Clients

When small white spots appear on the nail plate after removal of the UV nail color coatings, a likely reason is improper removal.  Fortunately, the vast majority of this type of nail damage is completely avoidable. How? By taking the appropriate time, care and caution when removing UV nail color coatings, precisely following the manufacturer’s …Read More

Guilty by Six Degrees of Separation?

Until recently, certain cosmetic advocacy groups focused on deceiving the general public about cosmetic, beauty and personal care products.  Now they’re branching out to attack salon products and services!  They regularly e-mail scaremongering misinformation and post outlandish statements on their websites.  Why?  In large part, to frighten the public into donating millions of dollars, much …Read More

Misinformation Hurts Us All!

In recent years several different negative reports have surfaced that unfairly attack nail products and services. This misinformation creates unwarranted fear which threatens to unfairly destroy public trust in salon services and worse, puts tremendous economic stress on nail technicians by driving business away from salons. Misinformation about UV nail lamps, products and services are …Read More

What to Do About Unhealthy Nail Conditions?

The picture below was recently sent to me by Becky J., a nail technician in the UK.  When a new client walked into her salon with this condition, she wasn’t sure what to do or say, so she asked for my input.  Since this is an important issue facing many nail professionals, I decided to …Read More

Learn from Scientific Expert Doug Schoon

Nail Structure and Product Chemistry Second Edition, Doug Schoon  Want to learn more about the science behind the natural and artificial nail? This easy-to-read and understand book begins by telling the story of the “natural nail”, but from a very unique perspective. Doug Schoon takes you on a fun and interesting journey deep into the natural …Read More

LED and Proper Curing

Proper UV Curing is Important! There is a lot of confusion about LED Lamps; can they be used to properly cure any type of UV curing nail product?  The answer is NO!  It is true that all LED lamps create UV light and will “harden” UV curable products, but unless the LED lamp was specifically …Read More

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