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“Performance Through Consistency Control”

“Nail Plate Construction Zone”

“Give Me 100% Organic”

“Avoiding MMA and Nail Damage”

“What Nail Professionals Should Know and Do About MMA”

“The Three Greatest Challenges Facing the Nail Business”

“Do UV Nail Lamps Emit Unsafe Levels of Ultraviolet Light?”

“Do UV Nail Lamps Emit Unsafe Levels of Ultraviolet Light?” August 2010 A recent report incorrectly concluded that UV nail lamps are a source of “high-dose UV-A” and also inaccurately compared UV tanning beds with UV nail lamps. Worked with two of the leading scientists in the professional nail industry, we verify the facts, by […]

“Understanding UV Nail Lamps”

“Understanding UV Nail Lamps” November 2012 Two styles of UV nail lamps are used in salons to cure UV nail products; Traditional and LED. Although these nail lamps use different types of bulbs, both types emit UV and can quickly harden UV curable artificial nail coatings. The bulbs used in traditional UV nail lamps are […]

“Safety of UV Curing for Fingernail Coatings”

“New Studies Examine Safety of UV Curing for Fingernail Coatings” May 2013 This technical article was written for the Radtech Report, a magazine that specializes in UV curing applications. This article reviews two studies commissioned by the Nail Manufacturers Council (NMC) of the Professional Beauty Association. One of the studies was performed by Dr. Robert […]

“Three Studies: UV Nail Lamps are Safe!”

“Three Scientific Studies Agree – UV Nail Lamps are Safe!” July 2013 Three scientific studies have been performed by different laboratories, all reaching the similar conclusions – UV nail lamps are safe as used in nail salons! This brief article outlines these studies and explains why UV nail lamps are safe. In fact, these studied […]