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innovation awards – 2014

1st Place: The Most Innovative Idea for 2014

2013-11 FamousNames_Logo

The IBX System
By Famous Name


What’s Innovative about the IBX System?

Without a doubt, the most scientifically advanced products in the beauty industry are artificial nail coatings. For the first time, Famous Names takes this high technology inside the nail plate to toughen and protect it from within. These products absorb into the upper layers of the nail plate and then join together to create a super tough protective shield for nails. The system can also repair surface damage and seal cracks and fill grooves in the nail plate.

How Does the IBX System Help Salons?

What nail technicians call “dry nails” are usually damaged nails. Over filing, scraping, prying and picking while removing nail coatings creates a lot of unnecessary damage to the surface of the nail plate. Older client’s nails are especially susceptible to this type of nail damage. Damaged nails from improper application or removal techniques is a leading reason why many people won’t go to nail salons for services. Until recently, there was not an effective way to protect the nail from the harsh treatment at home or in the salon. The IBX system protects the nail plate from whatever abuse comes its way and can even correct existing damage. The system also improves adhesion of nail coatings, including nail polish. Not only are these great benefits to clients, the IBX system should also help salons attract and retain more clients.

For all of these reasons, I’ve chosen IBX system by Famous Names as the “Most Innovative Idea” for 2014!

1st Runner Up: The Most Innovative Idea for 2014

aerovex logo

Chemical Source Capture Systems
By Aerovex Systems


What’s Innovative about the Aerovex Systems?

For many years Aerovex Systems has consistently provided high quality source capture ventilation and room air purification systems to hair, nail and skin care salons. Their equipment consists of well-designed ventilation systems that make the performance of any salon service much safer including; artificial nails, keratin hair smoothing treatments, laser hair removal treatments and any other salon service that generates vapors and/or dusts.

How Does Aerovex Systems Help Salons?

Aerovex Systems also promotes positive practices that improve salon safety. Their education isn’t just designed to sell products, but instead to teach and inform. They promote total salon air quality solutions through their “Three Zone Protection” salon ventilation approach which helps to ensure high quality air throughout the salon, not just one station or chair. This innovative approach removes salon vapors & dusts at the source of emission, which protects the breathing zone; while also cleaning the general room air, as well as the air coming into the building from the outside.

I’m particularly impressed by the comprehensive approach that Aerovex Systems takes to help ensure that salons have consistently high quality breathing air.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]