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Salon Education Now Enhanced by Wearable Technology

Matrix has adopted the Google Glass device to modernize their education efforts in a three phase effort to better educated salon professionals. This initiative likely could lead the way toward changing how the way the entire professional beauty industry is educated, so it is worth paying close attention. Click for more information

Fear-Based Activist Groups Propose Faulty Cosmetic Regulations

Fear-Based Activist Groups Propose Faulty Cosmetic Regulations Once again, the so-called “Safe Cosmetics Act” has been introduced by fear-based activist groups that don’t understand the industry or the issues. Each year, this bill is reintroduced in a slightly different form and each year their proposals are seriously flawed. This latest proposal inadvertently requires “more” animal …Read More

Health Canada New Cosmetic Notification Form

Health Canada has developed a new Cosmetic Notification Form which allows users to save the form with data, validate ingredients before submitting the notification via the Internet. Click here to download the Cosmetic Notification Form. Users will need Adobe Reader V9 or higher to set their Adobe Reader preferences to allow access to the Health …Read More

Beiersdorf Rapped Over Misleading Ad

Cosmetic and personal care marketers must be more vigilant to avoid misleading or exaggerated claims. Marketing is supposed to be the “Truth Well Told”, yet many marketers seem to think they have a license to freely exaggerate and even deceive consumers. Even large companies are coming under the microscope to have their product claims challenged. …Read More

Two Leading UV Researchers Determine That UV Nail Lamps Are Safe

A scientific study was just released by two of the leading experts on UV and skin exposure. They are the first to “properly” test UV nail lamps to the Internationally Accepted Standards. These results are profound! It is now CLEAR, that UV nail lamps are safe! Even more, they are safer than the same length …Read More

New Sunscreen Monograph for Canada

Health Canada recently announced the release of the final Sunburn Protectants Monograph, dated July 7, 2013 Version 2.0. The document is titled “Sunscreen Monograph” to reflect the common term used by Canadian’s to describe this category of products. This monograph replaces the existing Sunburn Protectants Monograph of October 12, 2006. It identifies permitted medicinal/non-medicinal ingredients, …Read More

New Studies Examine Safety of UV Curing for Fingernail Coatings

This technical article was written for the Radtech Report, a magazine that specializes in UV curing applications. This article reviews two studies commissioned by the Nail Manufacturers Council (NMC) of the Professional Beauty Association. One of the studies was performed by Dr. Robert Sayre and his partner Dr. John Dowdy; both are leading research experts …Read More

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revised “Green Guides”

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently revised their “Green Guides.” This important document will help marketers avoid inadvertently making misleading labeling claims about environmental topics such as; “Non-Toxic”, “Free of ___”, “Ozone-Friendly” “Biodegradable”, “Recyclable”, etc. The FTC states, “These guides set forth the Federal Trade Commission’s current views about environmental claims. The guides help …Read More