Gold Sponsors for my 16th Annual San Diego 3Day Breast Cancer Walk – 2017


$1600 Donation

Why are we supporting the Susan B. Komen walk: I lost my mother to breast cancer in 2010.  As we understand more about cancer and all that cancer is and how to defeat it, we will continue to be able to battle cancer and eventually defeat more and more variations of it.  This can only be done through research and development.   R & D takes money and time. - Jim McConnell


$1600 Donation

For us at Aerovex Systems, this is much more than just a walk. We are honored to partner with Doug Schoon, because this will not only help in the strides that the Susan G Komen foundation is making in this fight, but it will have ripple effects to encourage and inspire thousands more to ensure we win the battle to end breast cancer. - Jeff Cardarella | Owner of Aerovex Systems

Silver Sponsors for my 16th Annual San Diego 3Day Breast Cancer Walk – 2017


$1500 Donation


$1000 Donation

As a major manufacturer in the nail industry, an industry dominated by women, that empowers women, it only seems right to help raise awareness to a disease that affects women in such a way, in all aspects of their lives. We encourage the fight and support their strength.

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