Gold Sponsors for my 15th Annual San Diego 3Day Breast Cancer Walk – 2016

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$2000 Donation

“We are proud to be a sponsor for the 2016 Breast Cancer 3Day Walk. As we all know supporting events like this is important and can and do make a difference. Doug has been so dedicated and loyal to this cause and we commend him for all of his hard work not only to raise money for this event, but to walk for this cause. We are proud to be able to help Doug fight for his cause.”

Famous Names, LLC.

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$2000 Donation

We are so blessed to be able to support Doug with his mission to support those affected by breast cancer. It’s such an important cause and Doug inspire us with his continued passion to do his part to find a cure.
Ana Seidel – Bliss Kiss™ CEO


$1500 Donation

Breast cancer is the number one leading cancer cause of death among women ages 20 – 59.  The Susan  G Komen non-profit organization has been making a difference since 1982,  They have funded a staggering $889 million in research, $2 billion in medical care resulting in a 40% decline in mortality.

The fight is not over until we all share the vision of a world without breast cancer.  Get involved.  Associated Nail Professionals are so proud to be a Gold Sponsor for Doug Schoon, who has participated in the 60 mile, 3 day walk for 15 years, and has walked and trained the equivalent of crossing the US on foot.  He has and continues to be a great advocate for this very worthwhile cause.


$1500 Donation

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we come together to support a common goal. United in a common purpose to save the future from a beatable disease, raising awareness, raising money, but most importantly, raising hope. We are inspired by your strength, your courage and your spirit. – Jeff Pink, Founder


$1500 Donation

Aerovex Systems is honored to help salon professionals protect their health. Supporting The Susan G. Komen 3-DAY & Doug Schoon’s Team “Beauty & the Breast” shows we are also dedicated to continuing the journey to end breast cancer. This Isn’t Just A Walk. – Jeff Cardarella


$1500 Donation

Why are we supporting the Susan B. Komen walk: I lost my mother to breast cancer in 2010.  As we understand more about cancer and all that cancer is and how to defeat it, we will continue to be able to battle cancer and eventually defeat more and more variations of it.  This can only be done through research and development.   R & D takes money and time. – Jim McConnell


$1500 Donation

Kupa Incorporated is proud to sponsor Doug Schoon and his journey walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, 60 mile walk for the fight against Breast Cancer.  His dedication to the cause is extremely heartening to us at Team Kupa.   We hope you meet your personal goal!  Team Kupa is with you every step of the way!


$1500 Donation

As a major manufacturer in the nail industry, an industry dominated by women, that empowers women, it only seems right to help raise awareness to a disease that affects women in such a way, in all aspects of their lives. We encourage the fight and support their strength.


$1500 Donation

We have known too many amazing people that have lost the fight with Cancer.  Breast Cancer in particular leaves huge emotional scars for the survivors which people too often forget about. We have always been about community building at The Nail Shop which requires putting your own needs aside. Everybody knows somebody deeply affected by this disease and we are proud to be able to sponsor Doug in his selfless work. We would like to include a quote by Mahatma Gandhi – “Where there is love, there is life”. Thank you, Paul & Georgina.