Fear-Based Activist Groups Propose Faulty Cosmetic Regulations

Fear-Based Activist Groups Propose Faulty Cosmetic Regulations

Once again, the so-called “Safe Cosmetics Act” has been introduced by fear-based activist groups that don’t understand the industry or the issues. Each year, this bill is reintroduced in a slightly different form and each year their proposals are seriously flawed. This latest proposal inadvertently requires “more” animal testing just to prove what we already know… cosmetics are among the safest products consumers can purchase and they have a VERY long history of safe use.

Even other activist groups are saying NO to this poorly written proposal. See the attached press release from the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. Co-author of the article Jean Knight states, “In reading the Act, I was surprised to see that it would increase animal testing of cosmetics, since this is counter to the worldwide trend to reduce animal testing. The Act’s language can’t be easily understood unless you have some background in toxicology, so this impact was flying under the radar.”