The Natural Nail

This month’s Education Update is focused entirely on the natural nail. You may not realize it, but over the past several months I’ve regularly posted on Facebook some pretty cool images related to the natural nail.  These images are posted as “Cover” photos on my personal page.  I use these same images in my presentations and many are found on my DVD, Doug Schoon’s Brain in 3D.  Most images were taken through a sophisticated microscope which reveals details that normally would be invisible to the naked eye.  Each of these images are accompanied by explanations on what it teaches us about the natural nail.  A new set of images is posted every few weeks.  Best of all; each set of previously shown images, explanations and viewer comments are all easily accessed (or shared) simply by clicking on the arrows to the right or left of images in this series.  To date, I’ve posted eight Cover images.  Much of this information is not available anywhere else, so these images should prove to be a valuable resource for educators and students alike.  This series will continue to expand each month, so the learning won’t stop.  I hope you will check back every few weeks to see what’s new.


Why am I doing this?  To address the tremendous amount of misinformation about the structure of the nail and how it grows.  This misinformation leaves nail professionals around the world in a state of general confusion and not knowing what to believe about these important topics.  The same holds true for the general public and even most doctors are confused when it comes to the natural nail.  That’s because people in general don’t understand the various parts of the nail or their function.  However, when nail professionals don’t understand this information it could easily create problems for their clients which could have just as easily been avoided.  This lack of proper understanding also results in nail professionals misinforming their clients, which further adds to the confusion.


Many of the questions I receive about the nail are relatively easy to answer and to understand.  Even so, without the correct information, solving even simple nail-related problems can be a difficult or impossible task.  This is why it is often said that knowledge is power. It’s also money, because knowledge can save time, prevent problems and help to create loyal salon customers.  Please check out my Facebook page and click on the Cover image at the top to begin your journey of learning.  I hope you enjoy, but even more… I hope you will share what you learn with others!


“Knowledge is power, and power should be shared.”
Holly Schippers, The FingerNailFixer