Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) update on “lead in lipstick” controversy

A recent article by the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) provides a factual update on the on-going lead in lipstick controversy. This ridiculous scare story is being propagated by fear-based advocacy groups who use it as a fund raising tool; a “Donate Here” link accompanies EVERY e-mail. These groups send out wave after wave of frightening e-mails claiming lipsticks contains dangerous amounts of lead and they need your money to do something about it. Hummmm? Of course this misinformation has long ago been proven incorrect, but thanks to these fear-based groups it has more lives that a zombie cat. The FDA has weighed in and said there is no safety concern, but these irresponsible groups continue to dupe consumers and cash in on the all paranoia and confusion they generate. My advice is to arm yourself with the facts before the next zombie onslaught arrives in your Inbox! Click here to read the article