Prestigious Medical Researchers Declare UV Nail Lamps Safe

The facts and truth about the safety of UV Nail Lamps is once again confirmed by a newly released, independent study from medical researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Alpert Medical School at Brown University.  Once again independent scientific researchers have confirm the safety of these lamps.  This latest report states conclusively, “UV nail lamps do not appear to significantly increase lifetime risk…”.

Also noted in this study is that doctors often use UV medical lamps as a therapeutic skin treatment and when compared to such medical devices which have been in long use, “…one would need over 250 years of weekly UV Nail sessions to experience the same risk exposure.”  And also that, “Dermatologist and primary care physicians may reassure patients regarding the safety of these devices.”

This is now the third group of world renowned researchers to study UV nail lamps and declare them safe and unlikely sources of skin cancer, thus confirming the original statements released after the Nail Manufacturers Council on Safety (NMC) concluded their initial study in 2009.  Unfortunately, some misinformed individuals have ignored the growing body of evidence which has all along demonstrated that UV nail lamps are  safe as used in salons.  These uninformed opinions have created significant problems for nail technicians everywhere by needlessly alarming and even frightening away potential clients.
We can’t change the past, but we can join forces and proactively work together to ensure that the facts are made known.  Please share this information with everyone you know.  If you’ve seen negative stories on your local news or favorite TV show or read a blog that propagated misinformation, please take the time to forward this educational update to these sources and ask them to correct their past statements. This will undo some of the harm caused by erroneous reporting.  Even so, this will likely be a long struggle, so please be vigilant and keep this information handy over the coming months while together we set the record straight and show the world that UV nail lamps are indeed safe!
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