Misinformation Hurts Us All!

In recent years several different negative reports have surfaced that unfairly attack nail products and services. This misinformation creates unwarranted fear which threatens to unfairly destroy public trust in salon services and worse, puts tremendous economic stress on nail technicians by driving business away from salons. Misinformation about UV nail lamps, products and services are an example.


Two independent scientific studies have verified the safety of UV nail lamps used in nail salons services. After completing one such study, Dr. Robert Sayre, a world leading researcher on the effects of UV light on the skin concluded that the claims made about UV nail lamps were “grossly exaggerated”.  Unfortunately, this isn’t reported since most reporters haven’t seen these scientific studies and are more likely to propagate misinformation to the detriment of the nail salon industry.


Uninformed dermatologists can be the most damaging providers of misinformation since the media considers them experts, yet many dermatologists have only a very basic understanding of nail salon products or services.  Consumer product research groups have also been negligent by providing erroneous or exaggerated reports based on inadequate research.  Unfortunately when dermatologists or consumer groups don’t take time to fully research the facts or discuss the issues with knowledgeable scientific experts in the nail industry they end up propagating misinformation that damages the businesses of working nail technicians professionals everywhere.
What Can You Do?

Work together to ensure that the media and the public get the facts AND insist that the media stop propagating unfair misinformation that threatens to destroy your business.  Of course reporters can only report what they hear, so it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure they have the correct information and easy access to the scientific experts who understand nail products and services. You can help by taking ownership of this issue and educating both your clients and the media. Plenty of factual information exists, but it doesn’t get proper media coverage. Whenever you see these types news stories, don’t just get angry…

Take Action!

TAKE ACTION and get this much needed information to the media so they have all the facts.

Links to the two scientific studies on UV Nail Lamps:

You will also find lots of useful information about salon services at the Nail Manufacturers Council http://www.probeauty.org/nmc/, as well as, by visiting my own website www.DougSchoon.com.

Please contact the news outlets, web blogger or article authors, etc and send them reports or other information found on these two sites, which also contains contact information, as well. Working together we can address misinformation that harms your business.

Thanks for your help,