LED and Proper Curing

Proper UV Curing is Important!

There is a lot of confusion about LED Lamps; can they be used to properly cure any type of UV curing nail product?  The answer is NO!  It is true that all LED lamps create UV light and will “harden” UV curable products, but unless the LED lamp was specifically designed to properly cure this particular UV nail product, don’t expect to achieve a “proper cure”. Traditional and LED nail lamps both cure UV nail products by emitting low levels of UV light.  It’s not surprising that these have differing ranges of UV wavelengths and widely differing intensities.  Even two different brands of LED nail lamps will differ in wavelength and intensity. The same holds true for traditional UV nail lamps; different brands are highly unlikely to have the same UV output. Each of these lamps will cure a UV curing nail product to varying and different degrees.

So, Why is this Important?

A properly and carefully formulated UV curing nail product requires the correct level of UV exposure in the proper range of wavelengths of the correct intensity and for the right amount of time.  This is true for every type of UV curing nail products; hard, soft, soak-off, hybrids, etc.  UV curing nail products can cure to three levels that are best described as; “under cure”, “over cure “and “proper cure”. Too little UV exposure results in under curing; too much exposure results in over curing and these can lead to service breakdown and increase the potential for skin sensitivity issues.  Nail professionals that disregard manufacturer’s instructions or don’t use the correct lamps with proper cure times are “curing to the eye”. Natural sunlight will also cure UV nail products, but that doesn’t mean that sun-curing is a sensible thing to do. These sophisticated products must be used and cured properly.The same types of rules apply when cooking. If you put cookies in an oven that’s too hot, they will over cook.  If the oven is too cold, they will under cook and it doesn’t make sense to just leave them in until they “look like they’re probably cooked” because right on the label the manufacturer has provided the proper cooking time and temperature. Nor does it make sense to completely ignore the instructions and put the cookie dough in the microwave for a half the time, unless you want improperly cooked cookies.  What if these cookies are to be sold to a client?  Wouldn’t the client rightly expect their cookies to be properly cooked?  The same holds true for UV curable nail products!  Proper UV product use requires correctly curing with the proper UV lamp, traditional or LED.