Learn from Scientific Expert Doug Schoon

Nail Structure and Product Chemistry

Second Edition, Doug Schoon 

Want to learn more about the science behind the natural and artificial nail? This easy-to-read and understand book begins by telling the story of the “natural nail”, but from a very unique perspective. Doug Schoon takes you on a fun and interesting journey deep into the natural nail plate to learn about its structure and chemistry and you’re likely to learn some amazing things. Have you ever wondered how nail products work? Or what went wrong when they don’t work? Read this book you will find the answers to your questions, presented in a completely generic fashion. You will be amazed by how much you’ll learn.

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Doug Schoon’s Brain in 3D


This is a MUST have for all nail professionals and anyone interested in learning more about the natural nail. Ten (10) episodes of Doug Schoon’s Brain which you can view in either 2-D or amazing 3-D vision.

You could close your eyes and try to imagine what white spots in the natural nail would look like when they’re highly magnified OR you can check out Doug Schoon’s Brain see for yourself in 3-D! You’ll be amazed!  Each episode tells a story. One episode is focused on white spots in the natural nail while, another episode explains why the nail plates crack they way they do. Episode 8 discusses the effect of nail abrasives and e-files on the nails. Episode 1 explains how the nail plate’s surface becomes stained or discolored and shows how moisture and oil migrate through the plate. After watching these ten entertaining and highly informative episodes, you’ll have a new understanding of your natural nails and you’ll see them in a completely new way.

BONUS: Also included Doug Schoon’s “video articles” covering a wide range of additional topics, as well as, some very important and useful educational materials from the Nail Manufacturers Council (NMC) of the Professional Beauty Association.

This DVD is packed with useful information that you can’t find anywhere else!  Includes two pairs of red/cyan 3-D glasses and a priceless amount of knowledge.
Included are two pairs of red/cyan 3-D glasses and additional pairs are available for schools!
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