Paraben Free Claims Could Backfire on the Personal Care/Cosmetic Industry

Many companies have been quick to jump on the “free from” bandwagon, especially where arabens are concerned, fueling irrational fears that such ingredients should be avoided. Large companies such as Beirsdorf and the other major players are offering a number of “araben-free” products, even though these companies offer other product lines that are not paraben-free. How’s that supposed to work? The article referenced below hypothesizes that a tipping point may be reached whereby industry would be forced to vigorously defend ingredients even though they are backed by a large body of scientific evidence supporting safe use at specific concentrations. The public is being trained by fear-based advocacy groups to believe that one or two weak or inconclusive studies claiming an ingredient is unsafe outweighs strong evidence for safety. Personally, I think that day may be just around the corner!