Colorado Says “No Way” to Silly Cosmetic Regulation

In February, following the urging of irresponsible fear-based advocacy groups such as the EWG, two naive and uninformed democratic legislators from Colorado were duped into proposing an amazingly silly regulation that would have completely shut down sales of all cosmetics and personal care products in the state. Under the proposed law, any product containing even one molecule of a “toxic substance” would not be allowed on Colorado store shelves. But wait, don’t “natural ingredients” also contain traces of toxic substances? Yes, they do!

Nature is a dangerous place filled with many types of naturally occurring poisons and toxins, so NO cosmetic product on the planet is 100% free of potentially toxic substances. Of course, our bodies detoxify these natural toxins quite easily, as long as their concentrations remain low and within safe levels. Fortunately, others in Colorado have more sense than Rep. Diane Primavera and Sen. Betty Boyd and the bill was flat-out rejected. With luck, the voters of Colorado will remember this waste of time and tax payer dollars on election day.