USDA has No Plans to Crackdown on Use of the Term “Organic”

In a recent press release, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) erroneously claimed that the USDA is about to crackdown on the misuse of the word “organic” for personal-care and cosmetic products. According to industry experts, this is not likely to occur in the foreseeable future. When asked if a crackdown was imminent, National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) member Joe Smille admitted that he did not think a crackdown was imminent. The results of the most recent NOSB meeting can be found in the November 2009 new release (below), “National Organic Standards Board Powerless to Enforce Organic Standards on Cosmetics.”

This is not the first time the OCA has reported incorrect information in relation to the issue. It appears that the OCA may be intentionally providing misinformation to consumers in hopes of furthering their own agenda to force USDA organic agriculture/food regulations upon the cosmetic industry, even though these regulations are not appropriate for cosmetic or personal care products.  Schoon Scientific believes this association is an unreliable source of factual information.