Tests reveal lead in lipsticks at safe levels

In response to media reports of high levels of lead in lipstick, Health Canada tested lipsticks sold in Canada and the agency confirmed levels do not pose any health risk consumers. Further proof that the Campaign for Sale Cosmetics got it wrong in their report!

The Canadian government decided to challenge the claims made by U.S. group Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and their report last October titled “A Poison Kiss: The Problem of Lead in Lipsticks.” This report erroneously suggested there were dangerous levels of lead in lipstick products, a rumor that has come and gone over the years.

Twenty-one of 26 samples tested at Health Canada’s product safety laboratories contained lead levels of 0.079 to 0.84 parts-per-million (ppm), less than 1 ppm. The highest lipstick sample had 6.3 ppm, while the remainder contained no detectable levels of lead, at all. Well within safe levels. Studies performed in the US confirmed these results and has come out with similar opinions. As of this writing, no government health agency in the US or Canada is supporting or verifying the Campaign for Cosmetics conclusions that lipsticks contain unsafe levels of lead.

Main Source: Health Canada